Frequently asked questions

To qualify you agree to have used the product for at least 14 days and to tell us about your experience with our product. To make sure that participants have used the product for at least 14 days requests for free bottles can only be made 14 or more days after the order was placed.

Free bottle offers are limited to the USA. We check each request and reserve the right to decline it. Supply is limited. The offer is time-limited.

There is no catch and there are no costs involved. NO Charge, NO Hidden Fees. NO Trial Subscription & NO Credit Card required. We will even pay for shipping (but please note that free bottles are only shipped to USA addresses). This is our way to show appreciation for you as our existing customer who had purchased this product for the first time on a while ago. 

By clicking the button above you order

  • A free bottle of our product
  • Free valuable information to support your health (delivered by email)
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In case you are not interested in supporting your health any further, you can unsubscribe from receiving emails from us at any time (by clicking the unsubscribe link in one of the emails we send you).

You will receive your free bottle after 10-14 days. We will ship your free bottle to a US mainland address of your choice within 3-4 days and send you a confirmation email once the product has been shipped.